Marni Kagan
Our Events

Our clients deserve and demand the best.
We provide highly personalized and carefully selected introductions, top shelf, invite-only events and the ongoing and invaluable resource of our expertise.
Finally, you are in good hands.

Sunday at Noon is an exclusive matchmaking and events service tailored to established, successful, commitment-oriented individuals seeking truly bespoke introductions. We know you seek chemistry - physical, intellectual, and emotional - that will last past a few dates. Like all of the clients with whom we work, we understand that you have ample options but you simply have not met the One ... yet. It's a big city but for whatever reason that special someone is still elusive.

Our job is to know the people you WANT to be meeting and to ensure that the introductions we arrange for you are always of the highest caliber. Our clients trust us with one of the most personal and important aspects of their lives because they know we value their privacy and their time, we make sure to understand what they are looking for in a partner and we care about delivering REAL results. We are not about making up fabricated success rates that defy logic or aggressively using guerilla tactics that turn off the exact people who you want to be meeting. We are about knowing and working with genuine, impressive, likable, quality people looking for the most meaningful connection they can find and helping them find it. We love being part of that.

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